Five Reasons Why Washington Wins Not Only at Life, But Also the Future


Five Reasons Why Washington Wins Not Only at Life, But Also the Future

February 7, 2014

Intellectual Ventures is a global company, with offices, partnerships, and collaborations on almost every continent. We’re particularly proud, however, to call Washington state our home.

The Huffington Post headline “36 Reasons Seattle Not Only Won The Super Bowl, But Also Wins At Life” has many of us cheering. But, if we may be so bold, Washington wins at more than life as we know it. This state is also leading the way to the future.

Here are five reasons why Washington not only wins at life, but is also charting the course for our future.

       1. Smart people live here. This is number 27 on HuffPost’s list, but it tops ours. Washington is home to computer scientists and engineers working at big companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing. Entrepreneurs have built rising-star businesses here, such as Cheezburger, Moz, and Tableau. Scientists are modeling how to control and eradicate infectious diseases, inventors are creating sustainable packaging and novel electronics, and business leaders are pushing the boundaries of invention.

       2. Washington is the “most innovative state in America.” Bloomberg ranks Washington No. 1 on its list of America’s most innovative states. Indicators include our portion of technology workers, approved patents, R&D spending, and employed STEM professionals. Venture capital investments are also soaring in the Pacific Northwest. In the fourth quarter of 2013, more than half a billion dollars was invested in 45 deals.

       3. Our inventions are for the global good. Through the power of invention, Washington is working toward a future where some of the world’s toughest challenges will be solved. Problems such as disease eradication, vaccine preservation, and food hygiene and transportation. Seattle is one of the most charitable cities in the nation—our people, our businesses, and our government support social entrepreneurship and enterprises that focus on doing good.

       4. STEM is infused in our schools. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are a focal point of Washington’s education programs. With organizations such as Washington STEM, Washington FIRST Robotics, and the Pacific Science Center, this community is helping youth discover a passion for STEM and a desire to be the next great leaders and problem solvers.

       5. We have the Space Needle. Boom. It doesn’t get any more futuristic than that. But we’re still working on inventing a way to send transmissions to advanced beings in other solar systems….

Innovations born in Washington state are creating a better future for people around the world. To learn more about ideas sparked here, check out the Museum of History and Industry.

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