Intellectual Property for Growth | Startup “Yactraq” Leans on IV to Accelerate Growth


Intellectual Property for Growth | Startup “Yactraq” Leans on IV to Accelerate Growth

March 23, 2015

At Intellectual Ventures we believe in the transformational power of novel ideas, and that such ideas can catalyze meaningful progress and represent true, lasting value. We believe this value can be realized in a multitude of forms and is shaped by the vision and aspirations of not only the creators of ideas, but also of those who understand their value.

Earlier this month we entered into a long-term partnership with emerging audio analytics technology startup Yactraq, a company defined by their boot-strapping, entrepreneurial spirit. 

Yactraq shares the same strong belief in, and dedication to, the power of ideas that we hold here at IV, and its relationship with us can be summed up in one word: Growth.

Yactraq specializes in providing market leading data analytics and search solutions for audio-video data through speech recognition technology – an industry where the threat of patent litigation has been used to stymie innovation and deter growth. Under our partnership, Yactraq is a new IV customer and the latest member of IV’s Intellectual Property for Defense Program.

“We are both proud and excited to be working with Intellectual Ventures,” noted Leland Huss, Chief Marketing Officer at Yactraq. “This agreement signifies a validation of Yactraq’s technology platform and unique services, as well as a pivotal opportunity to grow our business with the help of an industry leader possessing a wealth of resources and experience.”

Yactraq CEO Jeh Daruvala added, “By partnering with Intellectual Ventures and participating in its IP for Defense Program, we gain the latitude to continue our focus on developing high impact business solutions knowing our trajectory is safeguarded through IV’s support. There really is no comparable partner to IV. They provide an invaluable benefit that gives small businesses like ours the chance to openly drive innovation and challenge the industry.”

Companies of any size, at any stage, can benefit from developing a proactive intellectual property (IP) strategy. We see this every day through our strategic relationships with innovative small businesses like Yactraq, Fuisz Media and CollinsWoerman, our partners such as REFLX Labs, and even our collaboration with Coffee Flour Global. While these companies were shaped by different ideas and hail from varied industries, what they all have in common is a belief in the value of IP and the growth it can deliver, and they are working with Intellectual Ventures to realize that value.

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