Intellectual Ventures and Stoel Rives LLP File Successful Amicus Brief

February 7, 2012

Last November, IV worked with outside counsel, Stoel Rives LLP, to file an amicus brief in the case of Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. v. HemCon, Inc.  As a company committed to protecting the rights of patent holders, and as patent holders ourselves, we believed the court’s findings could set a dangerous precedent which would the limit rights of inventors to fair and legitimate compensation. As an interested party in the patent space, IV will occasionally file an amicus brief in cases we believe will affect the industry at large.

While the Federal Circuit rarely grants such petitions, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreed to a full court rehearing. This is not a common occurrence. In fact, over the last ten years it has happened in only four percent of cases, so we’re particularly proud of the work we did with Stoel Rives. You can read more about this case and view a copy of the amicus brief in a press release from Stoel Rives.

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