Inventor Spotlight: Matthew Whitten, Inventor and Mechanical Engineer


Inventor Spotlight: Matthew Whitten, Inventor and Mechanical Engineer

August 24, 2011

Matthew Whitten, the subject of this month’s Inventor Spotlight, likes to solve problems. And when he saw that – despite the massive growth of smartphones – there was no easy way to wirelessly print from a smartphone without a printer driver, he set out to invent a solution. Whitten’s invention does just that, allowing you to easily print from your smartphone on any printer without any wires or drivers to install.

A born tinkerer, Whitten’s childhood experimentations with ham radios and baseball throwing mechanics are a testament to his invention philosophy: “If you don’t know how to do it, just figure it out.” 

Whitten’s relationship with Intellectual Ventures allowed him to easily monetize his patent and return his focus to his passion for experimentation and invention. He was able to reinvest in his company, Whitten Enterprises, and begin working on new products and offerings.

Read more about Whitten, his invention philosophy and his experience with Intellectual Ventures.

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