IV at the 2012 Intellectual Property Business Congress

June 22, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The end of June marks IV’s annual pilgrimage to the IP Business Congress (IPBC) event hosted by IP industry magazine Intellectual Asset Management (IAM). The IPBC is the industry’s largest and most well-attended event. This year’s attendance of more than 600 IP professionals exceeds last year’s and includes more technology companies and top-level executives than ever before.

IV is a proud sponsor of the event and fourteen members of our team will be in Portugal for the three day event. The IPBC is an opportunity to meet with our customers and peers and the event comes at a critical time for the industry when IP as a corporate asset is moving from discussion into proactive action plans. The IP marketplace is anything but straightforward and the IPBC brings together the companies and organizations that are working to create and improve the market for invention.

This year’s speaking topics highlight the fact that IP has become a front-page story over the past year and I will be on a panel discussing this trend in the European Union. Historically, in Europe, IP is seen as the end point of the R&D process, but we believe there is untapped potential in intellectual property assets. The patent market is relatively new in the EU and as such Intellectual Ventures can play a role in helping companies realize this previously unrecognized value.

The IPBC also marks the release of IAM’s annual Strategy 300 honoring the world’s leading IP strategists. The list is compiled based on peer nominations and an extensive research process. IV has consistently had multiple representatives on the list and this year was no exception.

At IPBC, IV’s Masanobu Katoh, Don Merino, Micah Siegel, Loria Yeadon and I will be recognized as part of this year’s IAM Strategy 300.

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