IV in the Community: January


IV in the Community: January

January 15, 2015

New year, new opportunities to tell our unique story. Over the next few months, Intellectual Ventures employees from across the company will be out in the community talking about everything from what the West can learn from Asia’s innovation boom to the longer-term consequences of Ebola.  

Philip Eckhoff, principal investigator of the Institute for Disease Modeling at IV, will be participating in a panel discussion on January 22 hosted by the World Affairs Council in Seattle entitled “Ebola in 2015 – and beyond.” Specifically, Philip plans to address the outlook for the virus in 2015 as well as longer-term consequences that could further endanger public health, education, and economic development in West Africa.

IV co-founder and CTO, Edward Jung, will be speaking on January 27 at EmTech in Singapore, the annual global emerging technologies conference hosted by MIT Technology Review, on the global benefits of Asia’s invention boom. He’ll share perspectives on how the West can learn from Asian innovators about finding solutions to complex global problems and how to deploy them.

Phyllis Turner-Brim, vice president, chief IP counsel at IV, will attend the “Law and Innovation” symposium hosted by the University of Chicago Law School's Federalist Society Student Chapter. On the agenda: a variety of topics including patent law and innovation.

On the lighter side, IV Lab engineer Tola Marts will be at the one place every geek wants to be on a Monday evening – Nerd Nite Seattle. On January 19, he’ll teach you the all-important skill of defining artistic mediocrity, using John Cusack as a case study. From his presentation abstract: “We will examine the career of John Cusack, from the brilliant highs of ‘Better Off Dead’ (a movie Cusack hates) to the lows of that one where he’s Hitler’s art dealer. Then we will see if we can come up with a measure that accurately compacts the myriad fateful decisions of a complicated artist into one single snarky, mean little graph.”

For more information about IV speaking engagements or to inquire about a speaker for your event, please contact speakingrequests@intven.com.  

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