IV In the News – TerraPower and the Value of Ideas

November 4, 2011

With the recent passage of the America Invents Act and several new customer announcements, the last month has been a busy one at IV, and we’ve talked a lot about patents here on Insights. But IV has also made headlines in the scientific community, and we wanted to share some of our recent highlights:

  • In his monthly guest column for Bloomberg, Nathan discussed the process of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) to collect natural gas, and the influence it has had on the push for alternative energy sources.
  • The TerraPower team posted on the forecasted dramatic rise in global energy consumption over the next twenty years, and the role nuclear options like TerraPower can play as part of the solution.
  • Vice President Kostas Mallios recently spoke at TEDxAcademy in Greece.  Titled “The Value of Ideas,” Kostas' talk centered on the historical value of intellectual property in driving innovation, and its current role in the changing technology landscape.

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