IV Investigates: Research Highlights from IV Lab


IV Investigates: Research Highlights from IV Lab

September 10, 2014

If you follow our Insights blog, you’ve read about some important milestones in the invention industry – from new technology development to patent reform. Insights is just one of the ways we participate in the conversation about invention and share information about who we are and what we do.

Photo: At the research bench in IV’s Electronics Lab

Another important way we highlight what we’re working on is through peer-reviewed research. Nathan Myhrvold, our CEO, has shared research on everything from intellectual property to paleontology, and employees across the company are encouraged to follow suit to promote collaboration with other scientists and, we hope, advance the many fields we work in.
Most recently, several IV Lab teams have published scientific papers about their investigations of malaria and tuberculosis diagnostics:


To keep following the latest research and published works from IV employees, bookmark IV Lab’s Investigate blog. 

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