IV Partner Update: REFLX


IV Partner Update: REFLX

July 7, 2015

In October 2014 IV entered into a strategic partnership with Reflx Labs to innovate new applications of Boogio and expand Reflx's IP portfolio and position. Jose Torres, the co-founder and CEO of Reflx Labs, discusses the company’s recent momentum and ongoing partnership with IV.

Reflx Labs develops technologies for human instrumentation in order to better understand and characterize the body through sensor data. We are currently working on Boogio, a wearable technology for your feet. Boogio is a pair of tiny computers with thin sensors that you install in any shoe. Boogio also accurately captures body mechanics and can sense balance, force, and 3d movement of the foot. The core technology has applications in virtual reality, training, rehab, and enterprise solutions. 

Last month at the IoT World conference, we announced a partnership with Samsung to help launch the ARTIK family of IoT-ready modules. The chips will power small things, like wearables, to much larger systems, like buildings and farms. Boogio is developing with ARTIK-1, an ultra low powered module on a chip the size of a ladybug, to build the next generation of our hardware. During the keynote with Samsung, President Young Sohn invited me on stage to showcase Boogio and announce our partnership with Florida Hospital to improve pediatric rehabilitation (see 31:34 mark).

The ongoing collaboration with Florida Hospital will explore how to utilize the technology in digital health and capitalize on meaningful engagement with the patient within and outside the hospital walls. We hope to build on this biomechanical data and apply it to other areas including advanced athletic training or more immersive virtual reality experiences.

Image of the Boogio Status Monitor.

The next revolution of computing is already in the US, and as wearable sensors become commodity technology they will reach broader consumer markets and impact most people on the planet. The personal nature of wearable technology also means that culture and location have significant impact on the technology’s value proposition, and determine which applications will gain local marketplace acceptance.

Because Boogio is on the leading edge of technology commercialization, we are leveraging IV's global inventor network to solve challenges and explore applications worldwide. This network of geographically and culturally diverse, visionary thinkers can help bring a holistic approach to rapidly advancing adoption of Boogio’s technology worldwide.

Sign up at https://boogio.com/ to be the first to try Boogio. More information about the opportunity to invent for Intellectual Ventures can be found at: http://ivin.intven.com.

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