IV Partners with Edith Cowan University on Invention Development

February 3, 2012

Yesterday we announced a strategic partnership with Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Australia, to collaborate on the development of inventions on a global scale. ECU, a leading Australian research university in the fields of Health and Wellness, Engineering and Sustainable Development, will gain access to IV’s unique technical, financial and legal expertise, and the organizations will work together to invest in and commercialise ECU’s discoveries.

ECU joins IV’s global network of more than 400 other research institutions and 3,000 individual inventors as part of our Invention Development Fund (IDF). Together with this network, Edith Cowan can work to achieve its goals of addressing economic, social and environmental problems that affect the lives of Australians and people around the world through the power of invention.   

“We see this partnership as an additional path to commercialization but importantly, a path that will see new intellectual property developed on top of existing efforts,” said Roger Plumb, Commercialisation Manager at ECU’s Office of Research and Innovation. 

For more details on the partnership, head to our newsroom to read the press release in full. Representatives of other universities which might be interested in partnering with IV can contact us at

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