IV Signs Cypress as Latest Customer


IV Signs Cypress as Latest Customer

May 10, 2012

Earlier this week it was announced that Cypress Semiconductor is our newest licensing customer. A billion dollar annual business, Cypress is a leading semiconductor design and manufacturing company with a history of invention and a deep appreciation for the value of intellectual property. This agreement provides Cypress with access to segments of IV’s growing portfolio, and establishes a long-term relationship which allows for further IP transactions and cooperation in the future.

“We have developed a strategic relationship with IV that is based on a mutual respect for the relative patent strengths of our two companies. The recently executed agreements will provide both companies with access to an ever increasing pool of patent assets, which is consistent with our patent strategies,” said Brad W. Buss, Chief Financial Officer, Cypress.

“Intellectual Ventures is proud to welcome Cypress, a world class semiconductor manufacturer with a long standing commitment to investing in its own robust intellectual property portfolio, as a licensee to the IV Portfolio,” said Roy Maharaj, Head of IV’s Semiconductor Licensing Programs. “We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Cypress.” 

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