News You Can Use: Encouraging Youth Inventors


News You Can Use: Encouraging Youth Inventors

April 2, 2015

For this installment of News You Can Use, we’re featuring stories about young inventors and initiatives that support developing the next generation of innovators.

IV President and COO Adriane Brown speaks regularly about the importance of supporting students so they can realize their dreams. The following stories describe some of the great work youth are doing now and highlight investments in their continued success.

White House Science Fair Projects

On March 23, the White House hosted 100 students for its 5th science fair to showcase innovative projects in STEM fields. The students’ projects included a new spinal implant to reduce the number of invasive surgeries needed for scoliosis patients, an innovative carbon dioxide powered battery and a keystroke-based authentication system designed to reduce online fraud.

On the same day, President Obama announced over $240 million in new funding to empower students to pursue STEM-related fields and to solve the world’s great challenges. The White House specifically allocated $90 million of the funds to programs placing special emphasis on supporting students from underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities.

Want to learn more? Check out the hashtag #WHScienceFair for pictures, videos and more from the event.

Innovation-Based Higher Education

Fast Company’s Co.Exist reports that college students are placing a greater emphasis on learning by creating at new innovation centers around the country. These centers also enhance students’ opportunity of collaborating with industries prior to graduation. In many centers, programs seek to “blur the line” between school and work to encourage students to adopt innovative and entrepreneurial practices.

Universities and their staffs are major players in the invention landscape. Interested in learning more? We recently rounded up a number of news stories about how colleges invest in innovation.

Participate in CodeDay with StudentRND

StudentRND, an organization designed to support students as they pursue careers in technology innovation, hosts CodeDay, a super-brainstorming session for students. The 24-hour lock-in offers students the chance to pitch ideas and put them into action in real time. It also forms a network of like-minded students that can encourage each other to pursue their innovative interests.

This spring, CodeDay will happen simultaneously across the United States on May 23-24 from noon to noon. Check out the website to see if it’s coming to a city near you, and sign up to see when registration opens.

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