News You Can Use: Inventing for Impact and More


News You Can Use: Inventing for Impact and More

March 31, 2016

Inventors inspire us, and those who made news this month were no exception. Check out this month’s News You Can Use for some of these noteworthy innovations, from a woman who developed an underwater wheelchair, to two inventors whose inventions make medicine more affordable. 

This video showcases an amazing invention allowing those who are wheelchair-bound to swim underwater. (Via

A high school senior invented a $35 device to diagnose lung conditions in the developing world and won $150,000 for her work. Congratulations and kudos, Maya! (Via Smithsonian)

This Irish inventor also won a major international prize for his low-cost medical invention – this time, a machine for kidney dialysis. (Via The Irish Times)

The inventor in this video is building a clock that will last 10,000 years as a symbol of the future and to make a point about the importance of long-term thinking. (Via National Geographic)

ProPublica marks the invention of the infographic – a device first used to mark the spread of cholera in New York City in 1849 – and leveraged to visualize data countless times since.

IPWatchdog talks about the work of two of the most impactful inventors in history: Einstein and Tesla.

Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center highlights amazing female inventors throughout history in honor of Women’s History Month.

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