News You Can Use: Inventing With Impact


News You Can Use: Inventing With Impact

May 27, 2015

Throughout National Inventors’ Month, many outlets have profiled inventors and businesspeople who are changing the world by coming up with new ideas and bringing them to market. At Intellectual Ventures, we too are committed to inventing with impact. In particular, our Global Good division operates with the goal of developing catalytic inventions for some of the world’s poorest markets.

As National Inventors’ Month draws to a close, check out a few articles that highlight the power of invention and the brilliant minds behind this game-changing work:

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inducts 2015 Class

On Tuesday, May 12, the National Inventors Hall of Fame inducted its 2015 class. The list of inductees include Edith Clarke, for her invention of the graphical calculator, Jaap Haartsen, for inventing the ubiquitous Bluetooth wireless technology and Shuji Nakamura for the blue LED. You can see the full list of inductees here.

Video courtesy of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


Fast Company Names Most Creative People in Business for 2015

Breakthrough innovations start with an idea, but it often takes a businessperson with a vision to take that idea successfully to market. Fast Company’s 2015 list of Most Creative People in Business features executives, engineers and founders who have helped inventions make an impact. Honorees include Bonnie Anderson, whose company Veracyte’s product has improved thyroid cancer diagnostics, Tessa Lau, whose robots from Savioke obey social norms to more seamlessly integrate with humans and Cameron Pirion, a magnetic resonance physicist, whose advances in MRI technology are making brain surgery more accurate and, therefore, safer.

The Death of a Beautiful Mind

In a news roundup about ideas making impact, we would be remiss to overlook the recent passing of mathematician and inventor John Nash. Nash’s work furthered game theory and bargaining, and the outcomes of his economic inventions have paved the way for advances in many fields. For example, as this Bloomberg article points out, auctions that power online advertising rely on Nash’s technique. His work has forever changed the world.

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