News You Can Use: The Future of Intellectual Property


News You Can Use: The Future of Intellectual Property

February 9, 2015

This week’s News You Can Use highlights stories about the future of intellectual property—the increasing globalization of IP systems, how the worlds’ business leaders are setting priorities for their respective IP environments, and the critical importance of IP to industries as they evolve.

U.S. Ranks First in Global Assessment of IP Systems

The United States Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center recently released its IP International Index, which, among other things, ranks countries’ intellectual property environments. According to the study, the U.S. system ranks first in the world, followed closely by the U.K, Germany, France, and Singapore.


World’s CEOs View Strong IP Systems as Key to Growth

The importance of strong intellectual property systems emerged as a prominent theme among the world’s top business leaders at the recent India-U.S. CEO forum in New Delhi. CEOs from around the globe spoke about the importance of patent and trademark protection to their businesses’ growth. In particular, participants spoke about how a resilient global intellectual property system builds a solid foundation for international cooperation, which has proven key to fostering innovation.

Rapidly Evolving Industries Require Prioritization of IP R&D

As sectors like manufacturing evolve rapidly, companies must place increasing importance on research and development and innovation, reports Manufacturing Global. As a result, industries must also prioritize intellectual property protections in order to maintain a competitive edge. As companies continue to conduct business globally, CEOs have a vested stake in fostering a strong worldwide IP system to protect goods against counterfeiting in growth markets.

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