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December 6, 2011

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to share some recent news from the scientific community which has grabbed the attention of folks at IV, including a piece from IV CEO Nathan Myhrvold and coverage of our own work in the field of metamaterials.

In his monthly guest column for Bloomberg, IV CEO Nathan Myhrvold discusses the inefficiencies of government subsidies for renewable energy sources, and the need for further government investment in R&D for next-generation renewable sources that can compete without subsidies.

Meanwhile, Business Insider posted a list of 11 Groundbreaking Inventions of 2011, which includes lab-grown meat, genetically-targeted cancer treatments and even advancements in video games technology.

Bloomberg also recently posted an editorial which applauds recent breakthroughs in the search for a reliable malaria vaccine, but also calls for more research into malaria diagnostics and vector control, two often-overlooked but vitally important areas that our own team of inventors and scientists are exploring. 

Finally, IV’s own MSA-T technology was recently featured in IEEE Spectrum magazine, which discusses IV’s work with metamaterials and the significance the new technology could have on the satellite communications industry.   

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