News You Can Use: Economic Opportunity via the C-suite


News You Can Use: Economic Opportunity via the C-suite

January 9, 2015

Company executives can have an enormous amount of influence on an economy’s collective good—from economic progress and industry collaboration to individual entrepreneurship. Whether influence comes from instilling innovation as a cornerstone of growth, or offering timely insight on how to keep businesses relevant in a fast-changing climate, this week’s News You Can Use underscores the C-suite’s power in driving economic opportunity.

Kicking Innovation Into High Gear

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and companies need each other to sustain growth and stay relevant. By forming strategic and financial alliances with individuals or small firms that are developing creative business models, executives can keep their businesses on the cutting-edge of innovation.  In turn, entrepreneurs mitigate the risk of failure and are able to monetize their ideas to help deliver creative solutions. Forbes digs deeper into inventive business models that benefit both large corporations and independent entrepreneurs.

Keeping America’s Innovative Economy Strong

Innovation has historically been the backbone of a strong American economy. And the country’s continued success in the global economy is shaped by education and innovation—and the integration of the latter into the former. The Huffington Post argues that the U.S. needs to devote more resources to innovation in school curricula. And C-suite leadership can help turn this initiative into reality.

Intellectual Ventures President and COO Adriane Brown often says that “the workforce of the future is going to revolve around STEM.” She’s been a steadfast supporter of engaging America’s youth—especially girls—in more science, technology, engineering, and math programming, so they will be well equipped to contribute to future economic progress. And she encourages other leaders to do the same. 

Secrets to Innovation

Wired explores how to be an “agent of transformation” within a company. In the article, Daniel Burrus, CEO of Burrus Research, outlines the three successful principles that drive his work in the C-suite: starting with certainty, anticipating change, and transforming an approach to doing business.

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