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August 10, 2012

Few people in this world can say that their typical day includes meetings about battling malaria, improving satellite communications and helping a company with its IP strategy. For me, though, that’s often par for the course. It’s one of the reasons I love my job, but I admit that from the outside it can look a bit confusing. All in one day IV could sign a licensing agreement, file litigation and develop software to help eradicate diseases. So which is it? Which IV are we? 

The answer is all of them. It’s all in a day’s work at IV, but the common thread is more obvious than people often want to admit. For us, it always starts with invention – humanity’s unique ability to generate new, valuable ideas. We believe in invention not just as an economic opportunity, but as a distinctly human characteristic that empowers us to improve our world. Put another way, we’re in the business of great ideas. Sometimes they’re great because they’re profitable and other times because they address an important societal need. So whether you call them ideas, intellectual property or inventions, we look for them, invest in them, help other companies access them and, when needed, protect them.

Because we’re in the business of ideas themselves, we’re not restricted to one industry, product or method to realize their value. When that value is financial, we’ll license them, sell them or launch a spin out company to commercialize them. When the value is measured primarily in the potential benefit for humanity, our growing Global Good division works with partners to create and deploy life-saving technology for the developing world. 

As you may have come to realize, we don’t fit a mold, and we’re proud of that. As diverse as our work is, we are one IV and we believe in invention.

If you share our enthusiasm for great ideas and enjoy being a trailblazer, then we might have a job for you. We have more than 40 job openings across our company, including a position to lead that Global Good work I mentioned. Sound intriguing?

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