#Shelfies @IVInvents


#Shelfies @IVInvents

April 16, 2014

“Selfie” might have been the Oxford Dictionaries designee for 2013’s word of the year, but at Intellectual Ventures (IV), we admit to being more partial to the rise of the “shelfie,” a photo of a favorite bookshelf shared on social media. Not to be confused with an April Fool’s joke, the #shelfie  has been referred to as the “ultimate antidote to the selfie” and first credited to the children’s book author Rick RiordanSo it’s probably no wonder then that a company with a place for everyone from paralegals to nuclear physicists has an equally eclectic taste in #shelfies. Here we review our five favorites at IV:

Photo: IV Lab Insectary 

Believe it or not, the IV Lab hosts approximately 3,500 new mosquitos every week. In a 200-square-foot insectary, we raise species from both the Aedes and Anopheles mosquito genera, to help our Global Good team working on disease eradication better understand everything from how mosquitos reproduce and carry malaria to what it takes to kill them with a laser.

Photo: IV’s Metamaterials Commercialization Center

A dedicated team of engineers, physicists, and scientists in IV’s Metamaterials Commercialization Center show off some of their early proof-of-concepts that have helped launch two spin-out companies already, Kymeta in Bellevue, WA and Evolv in Boston, MA.

Photo: IV Japan

IV’s office in Japan puts the rest of us to shame for most tasteful, best organized and bilingual #shelfie.

Photo: IV Corporate Communications & Marketing

No two days are the same for the Corporate Communications & Marketing team at IV. Case in point, our resident Art Director might be shooting stills for a new website, or clamping down a green screen for a video shoot.

Photo: IV Founders’ Library

And the #shelfie that started it all: the library collection of our founders, Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung. While any IV employee can check out a book from their library, some old school rules still apply. Books are checked out by signing a log sheet attached to a clipboard and must be returned to their original location, as identified by the Dewey Decimal System. Most recent employee check-outs, you ask? “Patent Law and Practice” by Herbert F. Schwartz and “Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen” by Martin Morales.

Keep your eye out for more #shelfies from @IVInvents

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