The Future of Food and Health


The Future of Food and Health

June 5, 2014

The future of food and health depends on our ability to solve some of the most pressing problems we face today: increasing demands on crop yields to feed an ever-increasing population, food safety, and pollution, to highlight just three of the most talked-about issues. A global investment of time, brainpower, and collaboration is needed now to explore new processes, technologies, and inventions that will sustain food and health tomorrow. 

What better place to share ideas and discover solutions than China?

Just this past May Intellectual Ventures held its first Global Food & Health Summit in Beijing. We view this summit—which we hope to make an annual event—as one way IV can help bring global resources together to address the many food-related challenges the world faces.

We partnered on this summit with the China Association of Inventions and the China Green Food Association. Both organizations brought China’s leading food manufacturers, dairy companies, agricultural investment funds, cattle feed companies, and many others together for two days of discussion and idea sharing.

A wide variety of speakers explained the technologies their businesses are using to help alleviate agriculture- and food-related challenges.

Photo: Business leaders discuss new technologies and partnership opportunities to improve food and health

A few highlights:

Dr. Christine Pitt, the head of client innovation at Meat & Livestock Australia, talked about new technologies that can enhance Australia’s cattle industry efficiency and improve cattle health.

Ms. Cai Yixuan, medical cold chain program director of AUCMA Co., Ltd, discussed efforts to commercialize the Passive Vaccine Storage Device.

Steve Watt, CEO of Australia’s Irrigation & Water Technologies (IWT), shared advancements in underground irrigation technology that help significantly increase crop yields while using 60 percent less water.

During his keynote address, Edward Jung, IV founder and CTO, reminded attendees that China—a country full of inventive minds and collaborative voices—is an ideal place to tap into business acumen, form new deals and partnerships, and ultimately rise to the demand for innovation that crosses borders.

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