A Holiday Gift Guide for Inventors


A Holiday Gift Guide for Inventors

December 15, 2014

The time is near for holiday cheer, and it’s in the spirit of giving that we’ll ring in a new year. Wrapping paper and ribbon are sure to be abundant, but think to yourself: “Are my gifts getting redundant?” Grab your shopping lists and throw them away, because Intellectual Ventures has a list to fill your whole sleigh. The techies, the nerds, and the scientists, too, this gift guide was made exactly for you. 

For the Robot Enthusiast: Electric Paint

The perfect wiring solution for your robot comes in a tube. Now you can connect circuits with ease and allow currents to travel through dried electric paint. If you are participating in a FIRST Robotics competition, then perhaps this is the perfect secret weapon to lead your team to success.


For the Futurist: Iron Man-Inspired Holographic User Interface

The one and only Tony Stark used a holographic interface in Iron Man 2, but it just so happens that Elon Musk built something similar last year.


For the Young Magician: Wand Remote Control

Stop clicking buttons like an average human being. This wand remote control has thirteen different movements you can learn to control your television Harry Potter style.


For the Young Girl Inventor: GoldieBlox

Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build, can help your daughter learn to build a zipline, a movie machine, or … beware … a dunk tank.


For the Seattleite: Tech Books

Those of us based in Intellectual Ventures’ Washington offices are big fans of Ada’s Technical Books. Named after the famous inventor Ada Lovelace, this bookstore is filled floor to ceiling with geeky delights—from great technical books to mind-boggling puzzles.


For the Newborn: Patent Pending Onsie
Because your tyke is one of a kind.


For the Machinist: Mega Shop Tools

You’ll have to boot your car to the curb when these gifts arrive. But you’ll be the envy of your entire neighborhood with a garage equipped with expert-level tools. See if you can fit these into the sleigh: Romi LatheTrak MillHaas Vertical Machining Center.


For Dads: Nikola Tesla Tie
Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Who wouldn’t want to wear his image on a necktie?


For the Nine-to-Fiver: Patent Prints
Do you like Legos, light sabers, or Les Paul electric guitars? There’s a patent for that, and you can show your colleagues your true geekiness by decorating your office with patent drawings of your favorite things.


For the Serious Doer: Makerbot Digitizer

If you’re the type of person who comes up with an idea and immediately wants it to come to life, then you need a Makerbot Digitizer. With the ease of two clicks you can turn your design into a 3D model for sharing and modifying.

So, there you have it. Search no more. Here’s hoping this gift guide saves you an aimless trek through the store. We wish you a season full of joys, and one that brings you inventive toys!

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