Top Australian Newspaper Explores Tech Transfer Office of IV Partner University

May 11, 2011

The influential Australian daily newspaper, The Australian, ran an article this week about how university tech transfer offices are starting to embrace social media tools to help them get their technologies in front of companies around the world. In the process, Australian universities have started to become more competitive with their peer institutions in the United States and Europe. One university highlighted for the article was IV partner University of New South Wales and its tech transfer office, NewSouth Innovations.

We have been working closely with NewSouth Innovations since 2010 and have already seen a number of compelling inventions from inventors at this leading Australian university. NewSouth Innovations has been very proactive in promoting their relationship with IV on campus.

The article provided some detail about how IV and NewSouth Innovations work together. We look forward to helping bring more inventions from the University of New South Wales and our other university partnerships into the world. For any universities who might be interested in talking to IV about potential partnership, please contact us at

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