Wistron Corporation Becomes Newest Intellectual Ventures Customer

September 21, 2011

Today we announced our newest customer, Wistron, a Taiwanese company that is one of the world’s largest original design manufacturers (ODM) in the information communications technology space. What does that mean? When you buy an electronic device like a notebook PC, mobile phone or LCD TV, there is a good chance it was manufactured by a company like Wistron and then marketed and sold under another company’s brand name.

For any company with a broad global reach in the technology sector, a strong IP strategy is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage and market share. With this deal, IV provides Wistron with efficient access to IP rights and also the ability to obtain patents through our IP-for-Defense program to protect itself from potential litigation in the future. 

IV’s customer list continues to grow, and Wistron is the latest addition to the group of progressive companies who understand that a strong IP strategy is essential when you’re competing in the technology sector.

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