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Intellectual Ventures and Fuisz Media, Inc. Announce Long-term Intellectual Property Partnership

October 23, 2014 Santa Monica, CA

Fuisz Media Inc., the innovation leader in interactive video technology, is strengthening its existing intellectual property portfolio through a multi-faceted agreement with Intellectual Ventures.

Intellectual Ventures™ (IV) and Fuisz Media, Inc. (Fuisz), the innovation leader in interactive video technology, announced today that Fuisz strengthened its existing intellectual property (IP) portfolio through a multi-faceted agreement with IV.

Under the agreement, Fuisz acquired several strategic patents related to interactive video technology as well as the rights to IV’s robust patent portfolio to complement their current portfolio. Fuisz has also become a customer of IV’s IP-for-Defense™ program, a strategic defense tool designed to level the playing field for companies whenever they face claims from competitors – a common issue many businesses now have to address.

“The partnership, license and acquisition with Intellectual Ventures helps us to enhance our advertising publishing platform development and maintain our leading IP position for our business and our customers,” stated Fuisz CEO and Founder Justin Fuisz. “Moreover, Intellectual Ventures is helping Fuisz ensure that our vision for interactive video will be fully realized with the most intuitive and engaging item-level video interactivity on the market.”

In addition to traditional IP licensing deals, companies can work with IV's in-house inventors as well as its network of more than 4,000 inventors in 10 countries around the world to solve near-term technical issues and invent the technologies that will differentiate their next-generation products from the competition.

“IV helps companies of all sizes meet their current business needs and provides guidance on developing and acquiring invention rights related to their product offerings,” said Cory Van Arsdale, senior vice president of Global Licensing at Intellectual Ventures. “It is clear that Fuisz recognizes that patents are important to their company’s success and we look forward to helping them evolve their IP strategy.”

About Intellectual Ventures

Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures is the global leader in the business of invention. IV collaborates with leading inventors, partners with pioneering companies and invests both expertise and capital in the process of invention. IV’s mission is to energize and streamline an invention economy that will drive innovation around the world.

About Fuisz Media

Fuisz Media uses proprietary computer vision technology to make any video interactive. Processing videos with the Fuisz platform creates a data layer that knows the location of each object in every frame of the video. When viewers tap, hover or click on the individual images in a “fuiszed” video, they can surface information about characters or products, view related videos or websites, and purchase items directly from the video. Fuisz works with the world’s top video producers and largest brands to deliver significant increases in engagement, new and innovative branding opportunities, and frictionless shopping experiences. Fuisz leverages the data from videos and images flowing through its platform to build a reference map for the visual web. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in New York and Chicago.

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Fuisz Media
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