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REFLX Labs Partners With Intellectual Ventures to Propel Innovation

October 28, 2014 Seattle, WA

Creator of Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors Enters Partnership With IV to Expand Innovation in Fitness, Gaming, Health and Entertainment Industries

REFLX Labs, Inc., creator of Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors™, and the Invention Development Fund at Intellectual Ventures™ (IV®), announce a strategic partnership to pave the way for innovation and commercialization of Boogio wearable technology worldwide. Boogio is a wearable technology that can capture and analyze human activity with high precision and accuracy. By joining forces with IV, REFLX Labs continues to build a strong foundation for innovation and collaboration that connects its technology with partners in numerous industries.

REFLX Labs is a Seattle-based technology firm dedicated to the development and distribution of wearable sensors. The company's flagship product, Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors, is a set of paper-thin sensory stickers and tiny computers that activates any shoe, tracking movement from the ground up to take hands-free control of technology. It is the first wearable device that can sense gravitational forces on the body, inner balance and 3D movement of the feet in real-time. Boogio's sensors are able to detect the pressure exerted in different parts of a person's foot, capturing high-fidelity feedback on movements, including steps, jumps, squats and kicks.

REFLX Labs' will leverage IV resources in three areas. IV will help REFLX source new inventions from the IV global Inventor Network (IVIN) of more than 4,000 active inventors worldwide; IV will offer a license to relevant existing inventions from the IDF portfolio to REFLX; and IV will work as a business development partner for REFLX to find customers for Boogio worldwide.

"We scour the world for ideas that can make a difference. In this case, we didn't have to look any farther than our own backyard," said Chris Alliegro, managing director of the Invention Development Fund at Intellectual Ventures. "The Boogio technology has great potential in fields like gaming and personal fitness, and could also find applications in medicine and robotics among others. We aim to help entrepreneurial companies like REFLX Labs realize that potential by expanding and protecting their innovations, and helping to get their products into the market around the world."

"We know Boogio has major implications across numerous industries. The precision of the system is incredible and because you wear it in your shoe, it is completely transparent in daily life," said Jose Torres, CEO of REFLX Labs. "As a hardware startup, we require guidance and support to build a technology that is scalable and sustainable. Working with the team at IV has been an amazingly positive experience. I've been advised by a team of engineers, business developers and IP strategists to identify challenges and opportunities in this competitive marketplace. We now have the resources and expertise to accelerate partnerships with developers and innovators."

In order to encourage experimentation, innovation, and collaboration, Boogio's platform was designed to be transparent and open allowing developers to easily integrate and build on the technology. For more information about Boogio and to grab a developer kit, please visit


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