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News You Can Use: Energized

January 21, 2016

This week’s News You Can Use includes energy breakthroughs that not only dazzle us but show how science is working to improve our everyday lives. Read More


What does boosting sustainable energy access in the developing world have to do with improving global health? As it turns out, a lot. Today on Insights we take a look at Global Good's work on health technologies that run on low-resource or intermittent power. Read More


Sustainable Invention

April 22, 2014

With increasing pressure on our food, water, and energy resources, Earth Day marks another important reminder of the massive investments in invention needed to make entire economies more sustainable. Read More


IV Speaks: Fall 2012

October 23, 2012

IV’s founders, executives, and employees at every level regularly speak at public events and seminars. Here’s a snapshot of upcoming opportunities. Read More


Dr. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler touch discuss TerraPower with Nathan Myhrvold in their new book, “Abundance: Why The Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think.” Read More
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