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Invention in America

July 3, 2013

At Intellectual Ventures, we believe that inventors play a crucial role in society and our economy. Turns out, the American public does too. In March 2013 and June 2013, during two periods of intense debate over inventor rights in the U.S. patent system, we commissioned real-time polling from Crowdverb to understand where public opinion fell on some of the issues at stake. Read More


I was drawn to Global Good by one daunting challenge – to realize the full power of invention in parts of the world that need it most. As an inventor, entrepreneur and executive, I’ve spent my career trying to solve problems and satisfy market needs, but none of this scale and importance. Read More


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we revisit some of IV's work in the field of hurricane suppression. Read More


News You Can Use

March 9, 2012

It’s that time again. We have been paying close attention to the latest news surrounding IP, technology and innovation and wanted to share some of the highlights in this month’s edition of News You Can Use. Read More


Thanksgiving Ingenuity

November 23, 2011

We wanted to share just a few of our favorite Thanksgiving-related inventions, and wish you a happy, safe and ingenious Thanksgiving from everyone here at IV. Read More
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