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IV spinout EarthNow intends to provide unmatched video coverage of the globe with a fleet of small satellites. 

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Led by co-founders Eben Frankenberg (CEO) and Tom Driscoll (CTO), two former IV colleagues, Echodyne will bring metamaterials-based radar systems to market. Read More


In this week’s News You Can Use, we’re highlighting stories about the value patents bring to both entrepreneurs and academic institutions. Read More


Kymeta has had a string of recent successes, demonstrating the first metamaterials-based antenna internet connection over a satellite link, being nominated for GeekWire’s annual Innovation of the Year Award, and just last week, Seattle Business Magazine awarded Kymeta Emerging Manufacturer of the Year. Read More


Sustainable Invention

April 22, 2014

With increasing pressure on our food, water, and energy resources, Earth Day marks another important reminder of the massive investments in invention needed to make entire economies more sustainable. Read More
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