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Spanning 16 technology areas, the IIF patent portfolio was sourced from top inventors around the globe and is relevant to core technologies across a diverse set of industries.

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Wireless Communications Technologies

Delivering on the promise of wireless

Patents relevant to technologies helping to expand the possibilities of radio with 5G, enabling a new generation of wireless applications and services. New services exploit the technology’s no-latency, high-bandwidth capabilities to raise the bar on experiences like mobile gaming and machine-to-machine communications.

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Wire Based Communications

Direct connectivity for maximum reliability

Patents relevant to the continued evolution of Internet Protocol, Ethernet, and fibre optics as wired communications proliferate within the closed networks of the automobile, factory, and home. Includes essential synchronization and bridging technologies that enable instantaneous communication across disparate subsystems and support the expanded use of automation in tandem with wireless technologies.

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The technologies behind the development and diffusion of hybrid cloud technologies

Patents relevant to technological features that span the cloud system, responding to user requests, monitoring of traffic and application software supported by open source data handling methods, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Server, Storage, and Memory Components

Exploring new frontiers in data performance

Patents relevant to a range of memory-related functions, including chip-level technologies. Includes patents relevant to support applications that utilize phase-change technologies, like Crosspoint memory, and exploit novel materials to revolutionize speed and density for a range of applications – from machine learning to processing the data torrents flowing from IoT devices.

MCD icon

Media Creation and Delivery

Optimized content for a dynamic customer experience

Patents relevant to technologies to meet the burgeoning demand for high-quality video. These technologies relate to reliable, cross-platform video encoding and delivery, with adaptive capabilities for varying network conditions and device constraints. The technologies also provide for real-time analysis for error detection, and the generation of media metadata to support content discoverability and personalization.

CDR icon

Content Discovery and Recommendation

Content intelligence that powers personalization

Patents relevant to technologies at the heart of Internet search, advertising, and e-commerce. These technologies support data processing and analytics through AI and machine learning based algorithms, geographic targeting, and natural language processing. They can bolster trust with customers by providing an immersive sense of personalization and familiarity.

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Networking and Network Virtualization

Powering the new age of software-defined networks

Patents relevant to technologies that power the ability to set application priorities, guarantee Quality of Service and meet Service Level Agreements. As SD WAN continues to augment and displace traditional MPLS, and as applications gain more network-awareness, these technologies help ensure the ability to deliver smooth, effortless, fluid customer experiences, across all platforms and devices.

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Security and Authentication

Protection and convenience for an age of advanced threats

Patents relevant to the technologies that power convenient, secure innovations like biometric authentication and single sign-on. User credentials are now portable, traversing independent software systems and microservices, both on the public web and within the enterprise, including using Natural Language Processing capabilities to detect suspicious content.

DIA icon

Data & Image Acquisition

The power to see, understand, and act on visual cues

Patents relevant to AI-powered image and object recognition technologies that are central to consumer convenience as well as consumer intelligence, including intent recognition in retail, both to reduce shrinkage and anticipate customer need. Exciting next-generation applications include the immersive, computer-generated environments of augmented reality for consumer, medical, and media industries.

LBS icon

Location Based Services

Transforming efficiency with location intelligence

Patents relevant to technologies allowing for detection and development of business logic around ultra-precise geodata for objects, devices, and people. Rich location intelligence, not just drawn from a single device but using contextual signals from other devices and beacons around it, is the driving force behind a range of personalized services including smart, location-aware content streams.

UXD icon

UI/UX, Digital Displays

Innovation at the front line of user interaction

Patents relevant to technologies to meet increasing demand for embedded, miniaturized, and multimodal displays across devices and platforms, delivering information presentation and control direct to users. Inventions central to the UXD portfolio include emerging display and control mechanisms like smart mirrors, AR and gesture control, supporting the evolution of digital displays.

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Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

Building the future of personal transport

Patents relevant to technologies that mark the next wave of advanced driver-assistance systems for greener, more accessible transport that spans all regions and demographics. Includes camera, sensor, and processing technologies for all levels of vehicle autonomy, from lane-departure warnings through to full automation that will make driverless transport and vehicle platooning commonplace.

DPI icon

Digital Payments Infrastructure

Enabling frictionless, high-conversion e-commerce

Patents relevant to essential architectural technologies to deliver seamless checkout by allowing rapid, third-party authentication of credit card details, at scale and in real time.

CAP icon

Compute and Advanced Processing

Integrated circuits that push the boundaries of possibility

Patents relevant to foundational technologies that support the latest silicon architectures and associated tools that are behind both the aesthetics and the thinking power of today's hottest products and services, from next-generation smart watches to ubiquitous, human-like AI interactions. Technologies span computing systems and architectures for high-performance computations to support deep learning, AI, neural networks, and computer vision algorithms.

SPF icon

Semiconductors, Process and Fabrication

Breaking boundaries in chip fabrication and performance

Patents relevant to novel semiconductor technologies that now enable previously impossible transistor density, process, and fabrication. Includes finFET silicon "fins" and other 3D technologies that let designers escape silicon's 2D planar surface and pack unprecedented power into chips for ever-smaller electronics, from smart watches to phones to embedded medical devices, while conserving power.

RDM icon

Record & Document Management

Trust and order for the age of digital content

Patents relevant to technologies that allow organizations to safely manage, share, store, archive and destroy records across their full lifecycle, in compliance with legislation such as GDPR and the right to be forgotten.

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