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Declan Carew

Declan Carew

Portfolio Director

Q: What's the most interesting/significant project you've worked on at IV?
I’m most interested in developing commercial investment strategies for IV. It’s exciting to work with a variety of IV teams to execute commercialization plans.

By developing investment strategies, I play a role in helping IV explore new technological areas where there is potential to attract new investors and customers. It’s a really special opportunity to be able to influence IV’s vision in new markets and help the company develop a unique point of view on how key segments will evolve, what technologies will be critical, and which technologies and markets will intersect.

Q: How do you see IV's values play out on a regular basis? (Values are: integrity, pioneering spirit, knowledge, inventiveness, patience, passion)
I see them all around us in everything we do — these skills are in our DNA and the DNA of our customers. Being consistent with these values is critical to building trust and long-term relationships.

Q: Describe the opportunity to grow through interactions with other IV colleagues.
My coworkers are my most valuable resource, and we are constantly learning from each other. Our day-to-day jobs may vary greatly — for example, on a typical day, I might work with someone from engineering or acquisitions. This variety of talent at IV has exposed me to a whole range of new experiences.

Q: Do you ever think about the impact that you're making on future technologies? How does that make you feel?
I always believe in “the possible,” but within limits. While limits exist, we must continue to push and stretch those boundaries in many directions to find elasticity where previously unseen.

IV is at a unique juncture in technology and IP development, especially as more industries are intersecting with each other. As our customers seek to grow their businesses through adjacent markets, IV can help them be prepared for major market and technology shifts that could significantly disrupt their businesses.

Q: You’re based in Dublin – What are your thoughts on being one of IV’s global employees?
The invention marketplace is global. This is never more apparent than when I consider how often I work with colleagues located in different continents.

Being on the “other side of the pond” from IV’s Bellevue headquarters has proven to be no barrier to working with the broader IV teams. I know I speak for all of the Dublin team in this regard. Like all great inventors, we can turn challenges into opportunities. While distance has its challenges, we leverage a range of technologies to seamlessly integrate us and we build solid relationships across time zones.