Our Approach

Innovation is weakest for the world’s poorest markets where the potential return on investment doesn’t offset the costly, high-risk R&D needed to tackle life-threatening problems there. As a result, the abundance of technology invented for the world’s wealthiest markets often isn’t applicable or affordable in developing countries. Global Good takes a different approach. We specifically invent technology to improve lives in developing countries and, equally important, we empower companies to build sustainable markets in those countries around our inventions. Our goal is to introduce catalytic inventions that simultaneously fuel and are supported by market forces in developing countries.

Targeted Invention

Supported by Bill Gates and the invention expertise of Intellectual Ventures, Global Good invests our own money into intellectual property and R&D specific to the needs of developing countries. This expertise includes collaboration with Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.

Technology Transfer

Once developed and tested in the field, we transfer our inventions to partners – companies of all sizes and from any part of the world – that can help us distribute the technology in the developing world.

Sustainable Distribution

Because Global Good is driven by impact, we don’t profit from use of our inventions in developing countries. Instead, we work with our partners to create sustainable commercialization models that ensure the technology is affordable and accessible in those countries.

Additional Commercial Opportunities

Wherever possible, our partners also have the opportunity to commercialize our technology in higher income markets around the world. A portion of any profit from these markets is returned to Global Good.