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Global Good’s coalition model is designed to help our commercial partners identify business opportunities and eventually make an informed licensing decision with minimized upfront risk or financial investment. In addition to commercial partners, Global Good brings together governments, NGOs and the full breadth of IV’s invention expertise, including our laboratory, intellectual property and inventors. Beginning at the earliest stages of an invention’s lifecycle, we work to make commercialization in the developing world feasible by understanding and reducing technology and market risks.

Early Collaboration

Global Good invests its own capital in the high-risk initial R&D of an invention. During this phase, we seek input from our coalition of partners to ensure the end product is applicable and commercially viable for the developing world.

Scaled Engagement Over Time

Our commercial partners have the opportunity to expand their role as an invention nears readiness for the market. This scaled engagement allows a smooth handoff of the technology to a partner who has a deep understanding of it and the market. 

Sustainable Commercial Opportunities

Once sufficiently developed for commercialization, Global Good provides a partner with the necessary license and supporting resources to distribute our technology in developing countries. Rather than seek profit from this license, we work with our partners to establish sustainable commercialization models that ensure the technology is affordable and accessible.

International Market Potential

Wherever possible, our partners also have the opportunity to commercialize our technology in higher income markets around the world. A portion of any profit from these markets is returned to Global Good.


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