Inventor Spotlights

Darryl Walker

Inventor & Patent Attorney
San Jose, California

Inventive Spirit & Patent Law Expertise Produce a One-Man Invention Team

Darryl Walker grew up a poor farmer’s son in rural Kentucky and Oklahoma, harvesting lifelong habits of hard work and self-reliance along the way. With a background in semiconductor design and patent law, his knowledge of the intellectual property industry is extensive. He has practiced prior art consulting, researching previous material that might support or detract from a patent’s strength, for many years, including while he was employed as a designer and technical expert in the semiconductor industry.

Walker could focus on legal work alone, but he loves the challenge of inventing. He has been granted 25 patents of his own based on technical insights and helped his clients obtain and maintain nearly 200 as a patent attorney. “I’m a designer, so I can design. I’m an attorney, so I can file a patent and prosecute it. I’m a one-man team,” says Walker.

Intellectual Ventures Supports Walker’s Passion for Invention

With a solid portfolio of patents in his name, Walker sought a qualified buyer so he could continue focusing on creating new inventions. Years of experience with patent law had taught him the typical pitfalls inventors face when commercializing their intellectual property, notably marketing schemes that undervalue invention.

With Intellectual Ventures, he found a buyer willing to assess fair value and license his best inventions. Intellectual Ventures’ acquisitions team reviewed Walker’s portfolio and found intellectual property that aligned well with the company’s licensing goals. Over the course of several years they purchased two sets of his patents.

Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of Patents

His relationship with Intellectual Ventures has given him more freedom to pursue his passion for invention. “Patents in your name give you the prestige of being recognized as an inventor. It’s a legacy thing. You don’t leave the world with much, but with patents you can leave something behind,” says Walker.

Walker, who was pleased to find an intellectual property company with the inventor’s best interests at heart, says, “For a guy like me, an individual inventor, Intellectual Ventures is the most important company in the patent world.”

Darryl Walker
"For a guy like me, an individual inventor, Intellectual Ventures is the most important company in the patent world."

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