Senior Inventors

Mark Malamud

Co-Founder & Consulting Inventor, Rax

Mark Malamud is co-founder and consulting inventor at raxacoricofallapatorius, and principal and manager of busymonster, LLC, a consultancy company focused on advanced user interface and design. He has participated in several Intellectual Ventures invention sessions relating to user interface, human-technology interaction, gaming and cloud services, information processing and health informatics.

During his 10-year tenure at Microsoft, Mr. Malamud became the company’s first user interface architect, leading design teams in the Advanced Windows, Consumer, Systems and Research groups.

In addition to designing the fundamental conceptual, user and interaction models for Windows 95 and future versions of Windows NT, Mr. Malamud also pursued future user interface abstractions. Some of his work involved creating psychosocial models of users to improve the interaction between people and machines. Mr. Malamud produced Bill Gates’ groundbreaking demo, “Information at Your Fingertips,” which was shown at Fall Comdex in 1990.

Before joining Microsoft, Mr. Malamud contributed his expertise to a variety of trade magazines and educational publications. He has created several award-winning educational adventure games.

Mr. Malamud studied at Brown University where he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology. He is named as an inventor on over one hundred issued patents and almost a thousand patent applications.

Mark Malamud