Senior Inventors

Roy Levien

Founder and Consulting Inventor, Fortress Intellectual Property

Roy Levien is one of the forty most prolific living inventors, and is founder and consulting inventor at Fortress Intellectual Property and Senior Managing Inventor at Intellectual Ventures, where he has participated in and managed numerous Intellectual Ventures' invention sessions covering a variety of topics ranging from human-technology interaction, gaming and cloud services, and applications and device architectures, to medical device technology, financial services, and health informatics.

Mr. Levien received the Microsoft Chairman's Award from Bill Gates in 1990 for his work on applications architecture and the foundations of ActiveX. During his years at Microsoft, Mr. Levien worked also as a program manager and product architect and had numerous other roles including research, multimedia products, management of product teams, and advanced systems shell lead, responsible for future Windows user architecture, and applications architecture. He has also worked as a consultant on technology policy and complex systems, on projects including policy papers and case strategy for the remedies phase of the (US) Microsoft antitrust trial, and is author of several publications on topics ranging from the evolution of complexity to dynamics of modern networked industries, including a book, "The Keystone Advantage", that formulates the concept of "business ecosystems”. 

Mr. Levien received an M.A. in Biology from Yale University, an A.B. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard College, and has attended the doctoral programs at the Harvard Business School and Cornell's department of Neurobiology and Behavior. He is an inventor on more than six hundred issued patents and on more than seventeen hundred patent applications.

Roy Levien