IP and the Corporate Landscape

Market Research on Patent Attitudes Study

IV commissioned market research of intellectual property (IP) perceptions and behaviors among C-suite executives in the U.S. to better understand their current views on patents and the growing IP industry.

  • 200+ C-suite executives (CEO, CFO, CTO) surveyed
  • Leaders of U.S. companies with 25 to 1,000 employees
  • More than 30 industries represented

Business Leaders Value Patents

Intellectual property (IP) is an emerging topic in the boardroom. Those at the helm of large and small companies alike are beginning to recognize that patents are important to their company’s success. They support the benefits that patents provide, especially licensing and enforcement rights. In fact, 75% of business leaders who participated in the Market Research on Patent Attitudes study consider themselves the primary patent decision makers. Yet, only one quarter of these decision makers consider themselves patent savvy.

3 Signs of an IP Divide

Three distinct gaps form between what business leaders believe about patents and the role patents can play in overall business strategy:

Knowledge Gap

C-suite executives believe patent rights should be respected, and are supportive of patent enforcement. They want more information and resources to support their patent decisions.

Relevance Gap

Business leaders value the role patents play in innovation. They want insight into how patents are applicable to businesses or industries beyond tech.

Value Gap

CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs recognize that patents give their businesses a competitive edge. They want help connecting a long-term patent strategy to their business priorities.

Research Highlights

We asked the questions; see how the C-suite responded. Take a deep dive into the market research data that informed our conclusions.

Market research highlights

C-Suite Insights

Are you facing an IP divide? Do your perceptions of patents impact your ability to utilize them to achieve your business strategy priorities?

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