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Intellectual Ventures Expands Licensing Relationship with Dominion Harbor Enterprises

June 25, 2019 Bellevue, WA

Recent success in licensing the IV portfolio to regional banks results in increased licensing opportunities.

Intellectual Ventures (IV) today announced it has expanded its existing licensing relationship with Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE). As a result of DHE’s recent success in licensing the IV portfolio to regional banks, IV is expanding its relationship to allow DHE to represent IV in marketing the IV portfolio to additional companies. In addition, DHE has selected Tracey Thomas of IP Zone to support these efforts.

“Dominion Harbor has seen great success over the past two years in assisting with the licensing of our portfolio in the financial services industry, and we are excited to expand this relationship by broadening their access to additional licensees,” said Jim Weisfield, vice president of patent sales and partner licensing at IV. “We’re also pleased that Dominion Harbor has selected Tracey to help in licensing our portfolio, which will allow us to better meet the needs of our licensees as we continue to maximize the value of our portfolio.”

IV first worked with DHE in 2016 when it sold fundamental networking and wireless assets to the patent advisory and monetization firm. The two firms have continued the relationship as DHE acquired the Kodak portfolio from IV in 2017 and IV provided greater access to its portfolio in 2018. This recent step provides DHE with a wider array of high-value technology assets for companies across the financial services industry.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with IV and work with Tracey to license the IV portfolio to select companies DHE is engaged with in the financial services industry,” said David Pridham, chairman and CEO of DHE. “Tracey’s knowledge of the financial services industry and his understanding of the IV portfolio makes him an ideal partner for DHE to introduce IV to financial companies and negotiate licenses with these companies.”

About Intellectual Ventures
Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a global invention and investment business that creates, incubates and commercializes impactful inventions. Led by avid inventor and technology leader Nathan Myhrvold, IV has created more than 15 companies with the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances to serve both the developed and developing world, IV works with many of the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward.

About Dominion Harbor
Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) is the world’s premier intellectual property transaction and advisory firm. It provides its clients with unmatched transactional expertise, a full spectrum of IP transaction and advisory services, and unrivaled access to highly targeted and credentialed licensees. DHE maintains its industry leadership with its proprietary IPedia patent transaction solution.

For more information, please contact:
For DHE - Monica Gutierrez at 214-414-1164 or email
For IV – Email

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