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radiusIP, Inc. and Intellectual Ventures Announce Licensing Collaboration

March 5, 2020 New York, NY and Bellevue, WA

The new patent licensing program will allow select companies in the IoT space access IV’s unparalleled patent portfolio.

radiusIP, Inc. (radiusIP) and Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced today an agreement to expand access to Intellectual Ventures’ (IVs) patent portfolios to select companies in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space.

The global market for IoT solutions and devices, now exceeding 200 billion dollars in size, is projected to continue its exponential growth to over a trillion dollars by 2024. Powering this rapid growth are numerous inventions in areas ranging from sensor technologies, 5G connectivity, telecommunications infrastructure, big data processing and analytics, and end-user devices among others.

“IV has curated a unique and deep portfolio of patented inventions in the IoT space. Several leading companies in this industry have already benefited from a license to this portfolio,” said Robert Colao, President of radiusIP. “We are excited to offer access to IV’s inventions to a broad range of customers in the IoT industry.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with radiusIP in the licensing of our portfolio in the IoT space,” said Jim Weisfield, Vice President of Patent Sales and Partner Licensing, at IV. “Bob and his team have had great success licensing wireless mesh networks to the IoT industry. Their many decades of experience and access to experts in this industry is a great benefit for IV and its prospective customers looking to rapidly expand in this booming market.”

Mr. Weisfield added, “IV is building on its already extensive pipeline of licensing engagements, both directly and through third party relationships. This agreement with radiusIP represents another positive step in our efforts to broaden access to our intellectual property through third parties.”

About radiusIP
radiusIP is an Intellectual Property (IP) consulting and licensing services company established to provide innovative guidance and assistance to an international client base in all facets of IP, including licensing and monetization. Clients include Fortune 100 companies, individual inventors and investment firms. Its IP services are primarily focused on licensing program development, patent sales and IP negotiations.

About IV
Intellectual Ventures ( is a global invention and investment business that creates, incubates and commercializes impactful inventions. Led by avid inventor and technology leader Nathan Myhrvold, IV has created more than 15 companies with the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances to serve both the developed and developing world, IV works with many of the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward.

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