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Each year, millions of people in low-resource settings around the world suffer and die from causes that humanity has the scientific and technical ability to solve. Funded by Bill Gates and focused on a shared vision with Nathan Myhrvold, Global Good invents technology to solve some of humanity's most daunting challenges.

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Inventing for Humanity

Global Good invents affordable, accessible, and appropriate technologies that address the biggest problems in global health and development. Our work—through Global Health Technology, Global Development Technology, and the Institute for Disease Modeling—is fueled by collaboration with leading research institutions, corporate and private sector partners, humanitarian organizations, and forward-looking governments to bring our inventions to market.

Our solutions first serve the people who need it most—those at the bottom of the global economic pyramid. Inventions developed to meet the stringent requirements for the most difficult world markets are often disruptive enough to transform standards of use and provide benefits everywhere else. We call this reverse innovation.

Global Good conducts its applied and translational scientific research and invention activities at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, filling the key technology gaps in developing countries to improve public health and agricultural economies—ultimately raising the quality of life for millions.

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The tech industry has almost entirely been about making tools and toys for rich people. We sat down and thought, ‘What are some of the ways we could direct technology to the poorest people on Earth—to transform the lives of people who need their lives transformed?’

- Nathan Myhrvold, founder and CEO

Global Good invents affordable, accessible, and appropriate technologies that address the biggest problems in global health and development.

The Global Health Technology portfolio supports primary care and health system independence, the management and elimination of diseases, and addressing their underlying causes.

The Global Development Technology portfolio addresses technological needs for agricultural value chains with food production systems and modern precision agriculture, increasing nutritional values and food security, and finding better access to water and sanitation for low-resource regions.

The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) uses quantitative analysis to strategically guide global efforts toward the eradication and control of infectious disease. IDM currently works on disease transmission dynamics for malaria, polio, tuberculosis, HIV, pneumonia, typhoid, and more.

To learn more about Global Good's mission, current areas of focus, and leadership, please visit their website.

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