It’s only two weeks into 2012, and already the new year has delivered a slew of game-changing technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas. We wanted to share a brief recap of the latest trends from CES, along with other news which has grabbed our attention so far this year:

  • Bloomberg reported that IBM was granted the most U.S. patents for the 19th straight year in 2011, gaining a record 6,180 patents. IBM was followed by Samsung, Canon, Panasonic and Toshiba, demonstrating a marked increase in U.S. filings by Asian-based corporations, a trend that experts see continuing in the next decade.
  • Meanwhile, The Washington Post highlighted the top trends from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), particularly focusing on smart TVs and the rise of thin and light “ultrabook” laptops.
  • Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service, listed his top technology predictions for 2012 in a guest column for Forbes, under the theme “Integrate Everything.” Among Anderson’s predictions are the rise of cloud computing as a consumer service, the rapid growth of voice recognition technology, and a general trend of governments and corporations devoting significant resources to IP strategy and protection.
  • Finally, IV’s own Patrick Ennis, global head of technology, spoke at the Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia conference on the topic of invention capital. Patrick’s hour-long keynote, available on YouTube, addresses the value of ideas and intellectual property to entrepreneurs, and the role a functional invention capital market can play in bringing important discoveries to market.

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