Introducing AskIV


Introducing AskIV

November 12, 2012

In the slightly modified words of Walt Whitman, IV is large, it contains multitudes. As the person who oversees corporate communications and marketing at Intellectual Ventures, I’m aware that the multitude of activities that involve my company can often seem confusing and complex to outsiders. 

In fact, even people inside the company find themselves learning something new every day. An executive who joined about a year ago jokes that he spent his first few months on the job saying, “I did not know that,” when he would offer a suggestion only to be “reminded” about something he didn’t know … yet.

As one way to simplify our complex company to outsiders, we re-launched our website with the intention of providing enough visual cues so users could engage and guide themselves through the parts of our business that were most relevant to them. It turns out that our audience also includes multitudes – multitudes of people with multitudes of interests. While the current site is an improvement over the last version—in fact our landing page just won an industry award!—it is always in beta as we continue to refine, improve and simplify our content.

For me, one of the best parts of the re-launch involved a refresh of our news and info section. Not only did we give it a facelift, but we have continued to evolve our corporate blog, IV Insights. The purpose of IV Insights is not only to provide information about company news but to also give our executives and employees a voice. As you’ll see from recent posts, we have a wide variety of talented people who work here. Each of them has a story and each of them has insights to share. And you’ll be hearing more from them over the coming months.

But one-way communication is a thing of the past. We also want to hear from you. That’s why at the end of each post and on the side of the page under the “Connect” section, you’ll find a request for feedback in the form of @AskIV. This is your chance to give us feedback or ask us questions.

What aspects of IV do you want to learn more about? What have you heard that you’re curious about or wanting us to share more? What feedback do you have for improving our site? We won’t be able to provide a detailed public response to every submission, but what we will do is aggregate and or/spotlight comments with our replies in at least one Insights post each month.

So as promised, it’s your turn. What do you want to @AskIV?

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