IV President Receives Achievement Award


IV President Receives Achievement Award

March 21, 2014

Adriane Brown, Intellectual Venture’s President and COO, was honored last night by Legal Momentum with a Women of Achievement Award, celebrating the accomplishments of extraordinary women in business, law, and public service.

Adriane is an active supporter of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives especially for women and girls. Her work with STEMConnector, Million Women Mentors, Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) and Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) are just a few of the ways she inspires and motivates people to pursue their education and work in STEM-related fields. Adriane regularly speaks about the importance of mentorship and how mentors have personally helped her career. She is a leader who consistently takes on bigger and bigger challenges, yet always takes the time to lift others on her journey. 

Congratulations to Adriane and each of the 2014 Women of Achievement Honorees on the much deserved recognition!

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