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Ozmo Licensing LLC and Intellectual Ventures Announce Wi-Fi Direct Licensing Collaboration

January 28, 2020 Dallas, TX and Bellevue, WA

The new patent licensing program will allow select vendors of Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast systems greater access to IV’s deep patent portfolio.

Ozmo Licensing LLC (Ozmo Licensing), owner of seminal patents related to Wi-Fi Direct, and Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced today an agreement to expand access to IV’s patent portfolio to select companies in the Wi-Fi Direct space. The agreement will allow Ozmo Licensing to offer access to IV’s patents to vendors of systems that comply with the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Direct standard and other related standards such as Miracast and Wi-Fi Direct Services.

Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous with modern life, allowing customers to communicate and access content across multiple platforms wirelessly. Over 13 billion devices are now Wi-Fi enabled. With Wi-Fi Direct, devices can be paired together – regardless of platform or manufacturer – without access to a Wi-Fi network or intermediary, thus enabling an entirely new level of connectivity.

Under the agreement, Ozmo will provide licensing services with respect to the IV portfolio. Alongside licensing its own Wi-Fi communication technology patents, Ozmo will provide access to the IV portfolio available for licensing in the Wi-Fi Direct space to select companies.

“This agreement with IV significantly enhances Ozmo Licensing’s value proposition by giving access to IV’s deep patent portfolio to select prospective licensees,” said Chris Dubuc, General Manager of Ozmo Licensing. “The IV portfolio access provided by the new agreement, combined with a number of valuable Wi-Fi Direct assets that IV has already transferred to us, allows the company to build on its original value proposition that was exclusively centred around patents filed by the original developers of the Wi-Fi Direct Standard. The new agreement therefore constitutes a major step forward for the company.”

 “We are pleased to partner with Ozmo Licensing in the licensing of our portfolio,” said Jim Weisfield, Vice President of Patent Sales and Partner Licensing, at IV. “Chris and the Ozmo Licensing team bring many decades of licensing experience and access to experts in the Wi-Fi Direct space, which will enable us to better meet the needs of prospective licensees who recognize the benefits of access to key intellectual property.” Weisfield added, “This agreement with Ozmo Licensing marks a key milestone for IV as we continue to expand our licensing pipeline through third parties.”

About Ozmo Licensing
Ozmo Licensing owns and licenses patents related to Wi-Fi Direct, including patents covering seminal Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) technology that led to the Wi-Fi Direct standard. Please visit for more information.

About Intellectual Ventures
Intellectual Ventures ( is a global invention and investment business that creates, incubates and commercializes impactful inventions. Led by avid inventor and technology leader Nathan Myhrvold, IV has created more than 15 companies with the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances to serve both the developed and developing world, IV works with many of the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward.

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