IV Speaks: Fall 2012


IV Speaks: Fall 2012

October 23, 2012

Interested in hearing more from IV this fall? IV’s founders, executives, and employees at every level regularly speak at public events and seminars. Here’s a snapshot of upcoming opportunities:

  • October 24: Nathan Myhrvold, IV’s CEO and co-founder, will speak at EmTech 2012 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. Nathan will highlight TerraPower, IV’s first spin-out company, in his discussion of scalable alternative energy sources.
  • November 5: Kent Lundgren, senior market intelligence analyst, will speak on a panel at the New Wireless Ecosystem Conference hosted by Law Seminars International in Seattle, WA. The panelists will discuss trends and drivers in the wireless communications industry.
  • November 13-14: Eric Bell, senior director of investment strategy, will join a panel at the Medical Device Licensing, Co-Development and Collaborative Agreements in Chicago, IL. The panel will cover strategies for licensing and negotiating invention rights with non-practicing entities (NPEs).

For more information about IV speaking engagements or to inquire about a speaker for your event, please contact speakingrequests@intven.com.

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