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Global Good and Biopromic Partner to Co-Develop Low-Cost Diagnostic to Detect Tuberculosis

The partnership will combine Global Good’s assay platform with Biopromic’s proprietary technologies in sample preparation and high-sensitivity antibodies to improve the accessibility of accurate TB testing in low- and middle-income countries.

Dominion Harbor Acquires Iconic Kodak Portfolio from Intellectual Ventures

Dominion Harbor Enterprises today announced the acquisition of over 1,000 patent families from Kodak’s iconic portfolio of patented technologies. This extensive portfolio has been acquired from Intellectual Ventures (IV).

On World Cancer Day, Global Good and QuantuMDx Partner to Combat Cervical Cancer

QuantuMDx Group announced an assay co-development and commercialization agreement with The Global Good Fund, managed by Intellectual Ventures, to develop a rapid, low-cost and mobile diagnostic test for the detection of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Intellectual Ventures Appoints Larry Froeber to Chief Financial Officer

Intellectual Ventures (IV) announces the promotion of senior vice president and deputy chief financial officer Larry Froeber to the chief financial officer role.

IV Announces Deal with Equitable IP Holdings

Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced the sale of a seminal portfolio of patents in the online gaming space to an affiliate of Equitable IP Holdings.

Global Good Fund, the Feinstein Institute and Sanguistat Announce New Bioelectronic Treatment Initia

The Global Good Fund, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health and Sanguistat, Inc, are partnering on clinical trials of the Neural Tourniquet to evaluate the efficacy of bioelectronic medicine in treating blood loss associated with postpartum hemorrhage.

IV and Dominion Harbor Group Announce Licensing Agreement

Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced the sale of fundamental networking and wireless assets to an affiliate of Dominion Harbor Group, an integrated patent advisory and monetization firm. Their purchase of this portfolio will enable access to an essential collection of intellectual property in the space.

Seattle Photonics Associates to Apply ISF Technology and Space Institute Grant Funding

Seattle Photonics Associates, a recent National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) grant recipient, is developing in-flight retinal imaging technology for possible use in space. The novel imaging technology builds on work supported by Intellectual Ventures’ Invention Science Fund.

The Global Good Fund, Indian Oil Corporation Sign Deal Making AI Shield™ Available Worldwide

The Global Good Fund, managed by Intellectual Ventures, has signed a five-year manufacturing and distribution agreement with the Cryogenics Business Group of Indian Oil Corporation (NSE: Indian Oil) for the AI (Artificial Insemination) Shield.

The Kuwait International Law School Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Intellectual Ventures

The Kuwait International Law School (“KILAW”) seeks to build an innovation center and an additional center for excellence in intellectual property for the investment in and development of a marketplace of ideas in Kuwait.


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